Stuff and Things…

THING 1 –  This past weekend we celebrated the 11th year of ABSfest here in Asheville and I had the pleasure of participating in a brief interview with the local NPR station to talk empowerment through burlesque with some fellow ABSfesters and festival producer, Onca O’Leary. Find the link HERE. Many thanks to Onca for inviting me along and kudos for another great festival.

THING 2 – GGR’s Burlesque Battle is June 10th. This month’s theme is Weird Al vs The Originals. It’s a hoot and we’d be delighted to see you in the audience.


THING 3 – I’m going on tour from June 16-30. Pretty excited about it. Catch me if you can! Advance tickets to select shows can be found HERE.

THING 4 – GGR has a Patreon! If you love what we do and want to further support our art and entertainment, consider becoming a Patron. At GGR Uncensored, we post exclusive photo sets, videos, and behind the scenes shenanigans you won’t see anywhere else. Pledges start at just $5 and monthly rewards are available for our $25+ Patrons. Come see what it’s all about at


THING 5 – I’m currently having a sale at my online store. Use the code SPRING15 to get 15% off you purchase. Check out Queen April’s Things and buy my shit, y’all!

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THING 6 – You should follow THIS INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT and THIS INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT if you want to keep up with my daily shenanigans. Please and thank you.

Upcoming Events!

This week catch me at Asheville Vaudeville performing with my troupe-mate Ella Minnope. Two shows from which to choose – 7:30 and 10:00. Info can be found at Asheville Vaudeville’s website or at Facebook.

The month of April is a busy one starting with a trip to Greensboro, NC to host Vaudeville After Dark presents The 80s Show. Saturday, April 8th. I’ll also be hosting the April edition of Asheville Vaudeville on the 15th. I’ll be back at Risque Monday on the 17th, guesting with the Wham Bam Glitter Glam tour on the 26th, and guesting with the Savannah Sweet Tease tour on the 28th. There’s also a SHELLSHOCK in there on the 21st.

I hope to see you in the audience!

Upcoming Events

There’s a lot going on in the Land of Naughty. Catch me if you can…

05/28/16 – ABSfest (Asheville, NC)

06/02/16 – Dr. Sketchy’s – Asheville (Asheville, NC)

06/04/16 – Burlesque Yard Sale (Asheville, NC)

06/07/16 – Tuesday Tease (Asheville, NC)

06/10-06/12/16 – Twin City RibFest (Winston-Salem, NC)

06/16/16 – Slipper Room (New York City)

06/22/16 – Sass Class (Asheville, NC)

06/26/16 – Stage Ready workshop (Asheville, NC)

07/30/16 – Discordia Days Burlesque Fest (Greensboro, NC)

08/05-08/07/16 – TBA

08/12/13 – Geektastic (Asheville, NC)

08/27/16 – Mardi Gras at the Castle (Greensboro, NC)

Black and White and Blonde…

The latest shots from the Pinup Project series are here. You can see I’m still on the blond hair ship and my natural curls are finally making an appearance after several years in hiding. Someone likened one of these to Madonna in her Vogue phase. I was more channeling Marilyn, but okay. Madonna’s good, too.
Anyway, have a look and I hope you enjoy…


Balloon Noir

My genius photographer friend Shaun (SIC Images) and I collaborated on a project using my 6ft balloon and our mutual love for black and white photography. I think the results are absolutely awesome. I hope you do, too… 🙂




Many thanks to our fab assistant Plucky for the behind the scenes shots!