My Innards…

I got a disc of all the scans I’ve had post-surgeries and it’s totally fascinating. Not just the images, most of which I can’t figure out, but the reports, as well. What I find most interesting is the scan I received the day after my hysterectomy, to check for suspected blood in my belly, showed no hydronephrosis. Five days later it was there.
From the report…
There is large amount stool in the colon. The common bile duct is prominent
at 8 mm. The gallbladder is distended with bile. There is a small amount of
fluid around the liver tip. There is a 6 mm hypoattenuating lesion in the
left hepatic lobe. There is a left pleural effusion and compressive atelectasis
related to this.
There is left-sided hydronephrosis and hydroureter. The kidney enhances
poorly. The ureter is dilated to approximately 4 to 5 cm proximal to its
insertion in the urinary bladder. This distal portion of the ureter is not
I find this stuff so interesting and I’m glad all of the reports come with the disc. I’ve been using the Google all night, for sure.
Anyway, have a look at my insides…

hyst 01

One day after my hysterectomy. Checking for hemorrhaging. Look at the poop!

stent 01

This is an image of the stent being inserted.

stent 03

This was taken the day before I was released from the hospital the second time. Trying to determine why my bowels wouldn’t give up the poop. The doctor who read the scan said it looked like I had ten pounds of it in there.

stent 02

This is the image from the mag 3 lasix renal scan I had a few days after I got home to make sure the stent wasn’t failing. It wasn’t. It’s just an irritating tool of Satan. Now compare this image with the one above it to see what a difference a couple of proper shits can make.

woo hoo

Looking forward to my next stent procedure all the more now that I know I can possibly get some cool images from it. Heck yeah! *fist pump*