The End… (Hopefully)

Today I had what we hope is the final surgery in my long list of medical procedures since September 23rd. The evil fucking Satan tool known as a ureteral stent that I’ve been suffering with for the past two months was finally removed. And when I say suffering, I mean it. I’ve been living with constant moderated to severe flank to vagina pain – which sometimes radiated down my left leg, as well, bladder spasms, bloody urine, and a UTI, since the damn thing was inserted, resulting in Pain meds, bladder spasm meds, and antibiotics being a part of the daily diet. It’s been awful trying to manage pain from this fucker and work and kids, on top of healing from my hysterectomy. Hopefully, today’s procedure is it.

My procedure today was a ureteroscopy with retrograde pyelogram. Basically, remove the stent and inject contrast to see if kidney and ureter are functioning normally. The good news is, they are, so I’ve been given a tentative all clear. I have to monitor for a few days and then follow up in six weeks. If nothing changes, I’m golden. 😉

Between pre-op, procedure, and recovery, I was there five hours. I have minor pain when I urinate, some slight pain in the flank area, and throat soreness from the breathing tube, but that’s it. I can’t even begin to tell you how much relief I feel with that thing out of me.

A couple of mentions. I had to go under anesthesia again (suck), so they gave me a scopolamine patch behind the ear again. I joked with the nurse about not remembering to remove it for a week (you can wear them for 72 hours) and she then horrified me by telling me touching it and then rubbing my eyes would make my eyes dilate.  Of course, all I did after surgery was unconsciously find it, resulting in constant hand washing.

And I feel I must mention the excellent care I received at St. Joe’s. They were incredibly busy today and I noticed at least two “difficult” patients, but despite this the nurses were really personable and well-mannered. No grumpy smurfs today. They were all very helpful and competent. I’d report on the doctors, but, well, I was asleep the whole time they were around. 😀

So, many thanks to the doctors and nurse who’ve cared for me for the past two months and to all you lovelies who have wished me well. Now back to the regularly scheduled nudity… hopefully.