Upcoming Events!

This week catch me at Asheville Vaudeville performing with my troupe-mate Ella Minnope. Two shows from which to choose – 7:30 and 10:00. Info can be found at Asheville Vaudeville’s website or at Facebook.

The month of April is a busy one starting with a trip to Greensboro, NC to host Vaudeville After Dark presents The 80s Show. Saturday, April 8th. I’ll also be hosting the April edition of Asheville Vaudeville on the 15th. I’ll be back at Risque Monday on the 17th, guesting with the Wham Bam Glitter Glam tour on the 26th, and guesting with the Savannah Sweet Tease tour on the 28th. There’s also a SHELLSHOCK in there on the 21st.

I hope to see you in the audience!